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Music Lesson Books

The Music Lesson Book is the core of the course. Students are introduced to new musical concepts and the performance of pieces at the piano. The story of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse™ sets the stage for music study at the beginning and continues on each subsequent page. Other characters throughout the book serve as a springboard for introducing students to major composers from the four main musical style periods.

New concepts are introduced and carefully reinforced throughout the book. Each page contains a fragment of the story as background for each new concept or new piece of music, as well as practice instructions to read to the student. Many pages also offer helpful hints to the teacher and parents for effective instruction and practice.

The music was written to develop finger dexterity in young children and includes clever lyrics that will appeal to the student's imagination. Accompaniments for the teacher or parent are notated for each piece.

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Music for Little Mozarts

Music Discovery Books

The Music Discovery Book reinforces each concept presented in the Music Lesson Book through singing, listening and movement activities. Included in the book are songs to sing for fun, motion songs to introduce musical responses to music, songs to reinforce specific rhythm patterns and songs to aid in the development of musical expressiveness. The songs are a mixture of familiar folk songs and original music for young children.

Appealing classical music, marches, circus music and adventure music are used for music appreciation activities. The music introduces students to a variety of musical styles, tempi, dynamics, moods and feelings.

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Music for Little Mozarts

Music Workbooks

The Music Workbook reinforces each concept presented in the Music Lesson Book through carefully designed pages for children to color. It also specifically focuses on the training and development of the ear. The Workbook is coordinated page by page with the Music Lesson Book.

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Music for Little Mozarts Recital Books

Music Recital Books

The first section of each book forms a ready-made recital when a narrator reads a new story about Beethoven Bear, Mozart Mouse™ and their music friends, and students perform the pieces in the appropriate places. The second section of the book includes challenge pieces based on folk tunes. These pieces require students to listen carefully and enter correctly as the teacher or a parent plays the duet part.

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Music for Little Mozarts Supplementary Books

Supplementary Collections & Character Solos

Students who need extra repertoire—either because they are moving more quickly and want extra pieces to play or because they need additional repetitions of the same concepts—will benefit from the variety of correlating publications available. The four-page character solos include facts about the named composer, rhythm exercises, pictures, and an accompaniment that incorporates thematic material from a piece by the composer. The rhythm of the melody is based on the rhythm of the composer character’s name.

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Music for Little Mozarts Supplementary Books

Plush Toys, Starter Kits & Resources

The entire curriculum centers on the adventures of the lovable characters Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they learn about music. The plush Music Friends are the star characters of the musical tales that guide the student through all four levels of this enchanting curriculum. The characters are excellent incentive gifts at the beginning of each level, after a recital, or as a reward for diligent practicing. Because preschoolers learn best through play, drama, and fantasy, they will naturally incorporate these plush toy characters into their musical learning. The Starter Kits are core packages designed to help students and parents be organized from the first lesson by keeping all the essential lesson materials in one carrying case. Many other resources are available to motivate students, including a music activity board, stickers, flash cards, and more.

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Music for Little Mozarts

Classroom Course

The Classrooom Music for Little Mozarts series was written by Donna Brink Fox, Karen Farnum Surmani, Christine H. Barden, Gayle Kowalchyk and E. L. Lancaster. This adaptation of the Music for Little Mozarts piano curriculum is designed to provide classroom music instruction for four-, five- and six-year-olds. It is a comprehensive approach to musical learning that develops singing, movement, and listening skills simultaneously with an introduction to musical styles and concepts.

With Classroom Music for Little Mozarts, you can teach large groups of students in preschool classrooms, kindergartens and day-care settings. No piano is needed for this curriculum, just a CD player and lots of enthusiasm. Complete in three levels, each level is designed to be taught in 10 weeks.

Perfect for teachers with limited preparation time, the CD includes all of the songs, stories and activities. Piano accompaniments are included as an optional enhancement to the lesson. Assessment materials and correlations to the National Standards for Music Education are also included.

This curriculum received a Parents' Choice Approved seal, which indicates a wholesome product that helps children enjoy developing physical, emotional, social or academic skills.

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